Riley, Park, Hayden & Associates offers one-stop engineering services for residential, commercial, and retail mixed-use land development, waste management facilities, warehouses, transportation facilities and maintenance yards, and major public works. From green buildings seeking LEED certification to aging municipal infrastructure needing creative remediation, RPH guides and supports clients with practical, affordable solutions.

In more than four decades, we have earned a solid reputation for reliability, environmental care, and cost savings across a wide spectrum of engineering challenges. As a mid-sized, privately held company in a field increasingly dominated by mega-firms, we think differently: We are entrepreneurial and innovative, and we pride ourselves on providing sound value engineering uniquely tailored to our clients' needs. We offer direct access to our senior management, backed by a staff committed to timely performance, streamlined decision-making and authoritative risk assessment on every project.

Whatever the scope of work, RPH provides experienced, flexible, multi-talented personnel who can define problems correctly and solve them effectively. Our team specializes in finding the most practical, workable solution for your project.